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12 Sugar & Gluten Free Sweet Recipes - Treats Without the Guilt!

Delicious - Sugar Free - Gluten Free - Dairy Optional

Guilt Free Treats by Bridget Foliaki-Davis - ONLY $6.95

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Seriously WOW! I have made many of Bridget's Healthy Treats and they're so delicious and easy to make.

You can tell Bridget puts a lot of work into what she shares with us...and the amazing thing is, you can't tell that her healthy treats recipes are gluten free, sugar free and dairy free!!

It's quite remarkable! I love all her recipes.

Danielle R.

Newcastle, NSW, Australia

Guilt Free Treats by Bridget Foliaki-Davis - ONLY $6.95

 100% Deliciousness Guaranteed

Bridget's Guilt Free Treats eBook - 12 delicious sugar free, gluten free, dairy optional recipes ...

If you love Bridget's healthy dessert recipes and original Heathy Treats eBook, then you're going to love Bridget's Guilt Free Treats eBook.

Enjoy the next collection of Bridget's most popular dessert and healthy treats recipes in this easy to follow eBook.

Guilt Free Treats by Bridget Foliaki-Davis - ONLY $6.95

 100% Deliciousness Guaranteed

Enjoy Tasty Treats While Sticking to Your Healthy Lifestyle!

All recipes in this eBook are free from gluten, sugar and dairy, making them great gut-healthy dishes.

Gluten Free

Sugar Free

Dairy Free

Almond Porridge

A simple filling and satisfying warm breakfast or healthy dessert is only minutes away with this tasty recipe.

Gingerbread Waffles

Imagine a world where it’s possible to make a stack of waffles in a couple of minutes that's spiced like gingerbread, and you have a Christmas themed break-fast ready to go!

Gut Loving Crepes

There is an art and delicacy to achieving a thin layer of just cooked batter that can hold the filling without breaking but remain tender to eat.

Chocolate Afghans

In this recipe, the iconic New Zealand chocolate and cornflake cookie get a makeover!

Banoffee Pie

This pie is amazing. It truly is a combination of incredible flavors that do not have me missing a traditional banoffee pie at all!

Lemon Meringue Pie

A simple pastry, tangy lemon curd and finger-licking good meringue. You can’t go wrong!

Protein Cheese Scones

Who doesn’t like a hot scone fresh from the oven especially when it's packed with a flavorsome aged cheddar cheese! 

Quinoa + Chia Bread

The combination of protein loaded quinoa and high fiber chia could not be better as its super healthy, simple to make and so satisfying to eat.

Lemon Tea Loaf

This lemon loaf is part Madeira cake, part lemon bread, made extra special with my 2 ingredient lemonade icing.

Orange Almond Kara Cake

The texture of this cake is dreamy! So soft and tender, you don’t even need to chew as it literally melts in your mouth.

Toasted Coconut Rough

I love the combination of coconut and chocolate! The inclusion of toasted coconut adds another dimension and the fact that this is a healthy treat only!

Apple Cider Lollies

It's hard to believe that these gummies are actually good for our bodies! They taste so good and feel almost naughty yet are packed full of goodness.

Guilt Free Treats by Bridget Foliaki-Davis - ONLY $6.95

 100% Deliciousness Guaranteed

Health. Vitality. Functionality. Joy.

3 secrets Guilt Free Treats recipes should have:

  • They must be quick and easy to prepare ...
  • They must taste amazing – if you don't like the recipe, it won't get made regularly ...
  • They have to be functional and contribute to your health ...

Guilt Free Treats by Bridget Foliaki-Davis - ONLY $6.95

 100% Deliciousness Guaranteed

What are people saying about my Healthy Treats?

I love these beautiful tarts ... not only do they taste amazing but they bring me wonderful memories of a day spent with Bridget in the kitchen!

Tracey W.

Tamworth, NSW, Australia

“Great treats and easy to follow recipes..”

Chris. W

“The recipes wow, so easy to follow.”

Pam I.

“Easy to follow recipes, good tastes, even the grandchildren are eating what I make.”

Judith G.

“I love love love, her recipes they are so delicious and healthy! The videos she shares and the QA are great! Thank you.”

DeAnna W.

Guilt Free Treats by Bridget Foliaki-Davis - ONLY $6.95

 100% Deliciousness Guaranteed

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